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MacBook Network Printer Installation

All information in this write-up was obtained from this Mac Basics Article.

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences Then choose View > Print & Scan.

Note: If the Print & Scan lock icon is locked, click the lock icon and, when prompted enter an administrator name and password to unlock it.

Click the add printer (+) button to add a printer. You can also click and hold the add printer to quickly select a nearby printer on your network that you want to add.

If there are no nearby printers on your network, select “Add Other Printer or Scanner”.

Tip: To directly open the Add Printer dialog box, click the Add (+) button.

From the Add Printer toolbar there are these choices:

  • Default – Use this option to display a list of all printers your Mac already sees connected to your computer through USB, a network connection, or other methods. Select a printer you see here and click Add. If there is a long list of printers, you can search for the printer you want using the search field in the top-right.
  • Fax – Use this option to add a queue for a third-party Fax device connected to the Mac.
  • IP – Use this option to add a network printer that is not nearby. Printers that support the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), Line Printer Daemon (LPD), and HP Jetdirect (Socket) can be added as IP printers. You need to know the IP address or URL of a printer (such as or myprinter.example.local) to add it using this method. If you're not sure what your printer's IP address is, ask your network administrator or check the printer's documentation.
  • Windows – Use this option to add a printer that is shared using the Windows printer sharing protocol (CIFS/SMB). See File Sharing for details about how to add a Mac to a Windows Workgroup. Configuring the Sharing pane of System Preferences may be needed to see some Windows printer shares.

For Rose and Womble printing you will choose the printer from the Default list.

Then click the Use: dropdown menu and select Generic Postscript Printer. Do this even if it offers the exact model name.


Click Add, and now your printer should be installed.

Some printer options will not be available to you using the Generic Postscript Printer driver, and your printing needs may require the proper Xerox drivers installed on your Mac. We ask that in this case you submit a Trouble Ticket on the website, and allow us to install the printers for you.

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