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Rose and Womble is a Google Apps Partner. That means Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and many other Google services are available to us, along with thirty gigs of cloud storage per user. This document will help you utilize these services.

The central application of the Google Apps suite is Google Mail, better known as Gmail. It can be accessed from any web browser at On that site, you will be prompted for a username and password. Use your full email address as your username (example:, and then type in your standard RWHub password.

Gmail on your Smart Phone or Tablet

Gmail services are available on every smartphone, or tablet device. Here are some basic setup instructions for Android and Apple products.

Remember to always use your full Rose and Womble Email Address when asked for a username.

===Android Setup===
Written Directions From Google

===Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)===
Written Directions from Google

Do not click the link in the video for Alternate Google Apps Directions.

TODO List: Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Tutorial on Gmail Basics, Exporting and Importing Contacts

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